Haikuporter/haikuports has issues after a system crash

Hello, I had a crash (power failure) on my system last week during a build, now every time I try to rebuild that package I get an error: 1 directory is not “removable” (can’t delete it), upon extracting the source file for the package I get a message it can’t run “mkdir”?
I ran checkfs on that (virtual HD) several times but with no success, I think only thing left is to clean the HD and do a fresh clone of haikuports?
Any one experienced this also?

[Errno -2147483632] Bad data: '/Opslag/haikuports/media-libs/libjxl/work-x86-0.3.7/sources/jpeg-xl-v0.3.7/docker'

EDIT the none removable directory is marked “read-only” (I can move it to other locations but not delete it …

Cant give any hints, but got aware to the “docker“ part in the path. I hope we havent got yet another layer to fight with.

Yeah, was wondering about that too …

Got the build up and running again, just moved the offending directory out of the way (after cleaning and yet another run with checkfs)