HaikuOS on ibook g4

Hello Gentlemen, could you help me, I have an ibook g4 and would like to know if it would be possible to install the haiku OS if yes like it?

Theoretically, yes. Go to the nightly download page, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a link for PowerPC. In reality, I don’t know that anybody has been working on that port recently.

thanks mister

Actually no. The ppc version needs a lot of love and developer work.
I would say try to get an x86 based pc and test Haiku on it. You will have more sucess as with the broken, old, unstable, non-booting PPC images.

Last time I looked at the PPC Haiku nightly, it was just a boot loader, no actual operating system included.

and even if it were there’d be virtually no software for it yet, as all the softwares would need recompiled to support the ppc architecture :weary:

You could probably install MorphOS on it, for fun :grinning:

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There used to be some support for Apple hardware in the PowerPC build, but that was years ago and even then it didn’t ever get to a booting system. The current focus is on Sam440 and other “amiga-spirit” systems, with just one single developer (mmu_man) hacking on it from time to time.
This means it is very unlikely that you can get anything going on an iBook G4. At the moment, Haiku is x86-only, and if we ever port it to other platforms, we are much more likely to consider ARM before PPC. Unless someone thinks otherwise and submits all the needed patches, of course.


I second this; MorphOS is a fun OS to work with and use in itself as well, and is excellent for getting the most out of
old Apple G4-based hardware! :slight_smile: