HaikuDocs Project Released!

My project to create beautiful and up-to-date documentation for certain parts of the Haiku project has been officially released today - HaikuDocs. Anybody who wants to come and join in can open a pull request to add or edit the documentation.

Here is the project’s repository: https://github.com/deavmi/HaikuDocs

I won’t be able to respond to PRs quite quickly as I am very busy but when I have free time like on the way to school then I might be able to review the changes and merge your PR.

Just forked it. Hope to be adding info soon.

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I was going to put together a Wiki, but this looks like it’ll work as well. Good luck, and I’ll contribute when I can.

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I think it’s good when people try to make something for haiku. Any help is welcome.

Unfortunately again in the wrong place? I would found it better if there had been a participation in the Haiku User Guids or the BeSly knowledge base. Now we have 4 contact points for documentation for a very small system with many developers and extremely low user base.

I nevertheless looked at the site and looked directly at the already existing tutorials. These are good from the point of view.
Unfortunately I could not try the software “SoftwareUpdater” described there and check if the description is correct, since I can not find this in HaikuDepot. Unfortunately, this is not described.

A request:
If tutorials are written, then please so that one can understand these and these also function as described. I have written many years of tutorials for Haiku and their predecessors (I still do) and have always paid attention to everything I describe and also works, if not, the local software source is described.

In this sense, but much success.

PS: As an administrator and tutorial writer of the BeSly (http://www.besly.de) knowledge base (sience 2004), one will certainly see me that I will not participate in HaikuDocs.

Tip: for each tutorial should be written with which haiku version this was tried.

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Thanks for the info.

Thanks! I may be slow to respond because of exams and scools but thanks :).

Thanks! I may be slow to respond because of exams and scools but thanks.

A very interesting project. But why restrict it to bundled apps? I for one would rather use it to write up documentation for my own applications. Throw in a directory docs/OtherApps or docs/3rdPartyApps and I’m in.

UK or US spelling?

BTW have you gotten ReText to work on Haiku? Haven’t had too much success with python apps myself. If you have a working installation, zip it up and send it to me and we’ll see if we can hpkg it for my repo. EDIT: No, I see it requires python3. If you have ported THAT, people will be really interested!

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It is bundled with very recent nightlies.

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Oh yes. By all means add documentation for other apps as well. I just want to have bundleApps there too.

We do have python3, but only in the x86_64 and x86 versions of Haiku. Getting it to run on x86_gcc2 should “only” require getting it to work as a secondary arch package. The recipe is up at haikuports.

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Already enabled on x86_gcc2 as python3_x86: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/commit/60ad57edd55a84a5654bc8814cf5714a5baa3154

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OK, I’ve added something simple (go for the low-hanging fruit first). Please be gentle: I’m still feeling my way into the whole git thing :slight_smile:

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I have replied to your PR on GitHub.

Seem to recall pip or something like that doesn’t work in python3, and maybe some other features missing, is that still the case?

Merged. :slight_smile: I am really happy to work with you.

Oh don’t forget this please :slight_smile:

Hello diskette,
I am looking forward to welcome someone new. I find it good that you want to write tutorial.
I have a request to you, look at the BeSly. Maybe you will find similar tutorials that you can then supplement.
I would like to invite you to participate in the BeSly project and to translate existing tutorials into Afrikanns or write new ones. My cousin from South Africa does not create it for professional and private reasons. We would be very pleased if you would participate in the BeSly project.

Greeting lorglas
Webmaster BeSly

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