Hello. I just installed Haiku.

I don’t seem to be able to find HaikuDepot

It’s not located where the documents say.
I browsed the menu lists.

Simpley writing HaikuDepot in a terminal only reports that the command is not found.

What do I do.
Totally newbie here :slight_smile:


if you’re using the last alpha (r1a4.1), there is no haikudepot. you should try a nightly, instead.

Nightly Images don’t have all the libraries and thus can’t install some programs (packages), for example: Midnight Commander.

This is being worked on. Currently the repos are populated manually which results in many glitches and problems in dependencies declaration. We plan to switch to an automated system which will avoid this, but it has not been deployed yet.

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That Haiku version you are using? A current nightly or a alpha release? In the alpha releaes HaikuDepot does not included.