HaikuDepot Stuck on Fetching Data

I have been able to reproduce 100% of the time. This is a brand new installation of Haiku R1 Beta 4. I open up HaikuDepot for the first time and it just get stuck on “Fetching remote repository data”.

The virtual machine does have internet connectivity and I can access the https://depot.haiku-os.org from WebPostive:

I’ve tried this on VMWare Workstation and ESXi server (following the instructions over at Virtualizing Haiku | Haiku Project

Try in Terminal pkgman refresh and see if HaikuDepot responds after that?

Welcome @tuaris!

While the HDS server does seem to have some performance isstes at the moment, it doesn’t completely stall normally. I suspect network config issues. Maybe try another network card to emulate?

You can also try starting HaikuDepot from Terminal, see “–help” for parameters. “-v trace” will output all kinds of stuff, which may point to the issue (though maybe not in case of a misconfigured network).