HaikuDepot server error 500

I’ve just installed Haiku on a 2009 iMac. When I open HaikuDepot I get the error “While updating package data, a problem has arisen…” etc. When I run HaikuDepot -v trace, the error I see is a server error 500 while requesting https://depot.haiku-os.org/__repository/all-en.json.gz. I’m not sure if that is supposed to succeed when requested directly in a browser with no auth, but when I pull up that URL in a browser I get an error 500 as well.

This problem seems to have only cropped up in the last week, as a week or two ago I didn’t run across this problem while setting up a Haiku installation in a VM.

Is anyone else running into this? Known issue?

Hello. Yes, I received the same error message from HaikuDepot yesterday. I received it right after updating to last nightly hrev.

Thanks. That reminds me I should share that I am running R1/beta4

Update: this appears to be working again as of today. You can confirm by clicking on the URL in the original post directly. I no longer get the error in HaikuDepot.

I forgot to mention the impact of the problem at first, which was that the “Featured packages” tab was not populated. That is fixed at the same time; I can now see the Features packages listed.