HaikuDepot - missing categories and naming

Maybe this belongs as a ticket - but before that I would like to discuss my (little harsh) feelings about Haiku Depot.

Hidden categories:
If you search for “Lato” and select Category, which category does the Font belong to? - Thats right, it has no category you can filter it in. And its the same with all fonts, probably for more categories as well.

Updated software
I often check depot.haiku-os.org for updated and new software, sorted by recent updates. It would make sense to have the option to sort by update in “Depot”.

The name HaikuDepot
The naming in Haiku is for some parts bad, in 1999 we didnt know better but today 2018 - wouldnt it be better to use a more modern naming for our applications/preferences? I would suggest we rename HaikuDepot to “Software Store” or something that makes sense.

I really hope I dont Step on someones toes.

About the name: what about “Play Store” on Android? People do get it eventually. So they should get away with “Haiku Depot” (it really sounds like “Home Depot” or whatever store brand).
Usually we also hint at the meaning by application icons. We probably need larger icons in deskbar application menu, and maybe a better icon for HaikuDepot. “Software Store” sounds a bit boring for a name, maybe…

Categories: it is up to the user community to go on depot.haiku-os.org and categorize stuff. Also don’t forget to write review for your favourite and also your most hated software.


Is category optional? It should be mandatory and fonts dont seem to belong to any of the provided categories.

The name “Depot” doesnt tell me much really. It might make sense on the server side, but I still think the client should be renamed.

The name “Soundplay” is boring, but its intention is very clear.

I agree on making icons larger for deskbar.

But haiku is open source and haikudepo is not a store, you does not can buy anything about it. I like the name we have

Not that one cannot implement paying/buy/rent functionality.

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I like Haikudepot more than other options.
I also agreed with that the icons need to be larger. I like big icons!!

I’m okay with HaikuDepot as a name. It is a depot for Haiku software.

I’m totally onboard with having a way of showing new/updated software first, too.

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There should be a filter for that… recently added files or newest files… or just the date created… or the Version number…

HaikuDepot, Haiku´Camp, HaikuParty, HaikuBitsN’Bites… HaikuforAll… HaikuDownloadHeaven, HaikuDreams, HaikuLager…
FreeHaikuSoftware, HaikuBreakouts, HaikuValues…

I don’t care that much about the name but there should be a way to find the newest or updated files In HaikuSoftwarePalace by using a filter similar to:
depot.haiku-os.org where you can categorize and see whats new!

I like it because of the second…

Most names are in English so it would make sense to translate them for complete anarchy and chaos! Ahm… better not!

First haikudepot need a Filter for 32/64 bit apps

If you use a 32bit Haiku system you will see only working apps for 32Bit Haiku!
If you use a 64bit Haiku system you will see only working apps for 64Bit Haiku!

Why you wan’t to know what apps are on the other Haiku system if you cannot try them out immediately?
Nice to know but it will create a double sized database and slower sorting I think…

In the meantime, there are RSS feeds for that. See the “Build feed URL” from the hamburger menu of the HDS website.


That is what we just speak about…
We know this link… it shows the HaikuDepot apps for 32 or for 64Bit Haiku…
Would be good to use this in HaikuDepot as well…

I must admit, I had the same thought when I first used Haiku. “Software Depot” perhaps? Also, in the UK Depot sounds more of a place that Truck (Semi?) or Bus drivers hang around in. 8o)

Another point, and I realise this probably says more about my state of mind than anything else, there’s a couple of things that trigger me with OS provided software. First is having the OS name in the app name - not a fan of that as it seems rather superfluous and takes up valuable screen real estate. Second, is having CamelCase app names without spaces in the launcher Applications listing. Does anyone else find that mildly offputting?

As someone who has recently created a software demo capture/sharing/install app for work, I must say requiring the developer to add at least one category by default is a good thing. With an ever expanding library of extensions, some being very rarely required (like a very specific font as in this example), I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect the community to categorise all extensions accurately and completely when the developer is best placed to pick a category.

Of course as a newb here I’m totally ok with people disagreeing with me. I’m just saying I definitely see @konrad’s point of view.


There are only few developers creating native software. Most of the regular addtitions are ports by people often not particularly attached to the software (which isn’t a problem, and frankly would be impossible if you compare the number of people creating the recipes with the number of apps/libs/etc. they add to Haiku’s software environment).

So the categorization, translation, adding of icons and screenshots etc. falls on the volunteers in the community. Some of that volunteers are the above mentioned developers and porters. Anyone with at least a bit of a track record in the community can join in.

Is there a setting for the port process we could recommend to port recipe builders that would add a category to the resultant hpkg file?

I for one wouldn’t mind adding these to any ports I created, if it helps the wider community.

Nope. The recipes don’t include a category setting.
I think one rational behind it is that categories can be managed centrally. Otherwise we may end up many/weird categories when people’s imagination is the limit.
Setting a category at HDS is very easy. One can even export a cvs list of all apps and their categories, edit in a spreadsheet and import it back. We did this for Google Code In tasks in the past. It wasn’t a very popular task for some reason…

If people don’t want to apply for the needed permissions at HDS, send me a PM, mail or open a thread with a list of packages and their needed category, and I’ll do it.

Good day,

I agree with this. Though font size can be increased, icons stay small. In my personal opinion, the XFCE Whisker menu has nice ideas that could be used, though I think this could be dealt with after beta is out.:wink: