HaikuDepot: March 4 Ratings

To make ratings viable as a basis for promoting software to HaikuDepot’s “Featured packages” tab, there have to be a lot of them. Up to now there are too few…

Therefore, I propose a March 4 Ratings… on this 4th of March… :grinning:

Open the HaikuDepot app, check only the “Installed packages” in the “Show” menu, and go through your list of apps. If you haven’t rated/commented on an app in this list, consider doing it now!

Also a good opportunity to remove stuff you installed and forgot about; spring-cleaning, if you will… :slight_smile:


@humdinger Very nice idea! Just spent 15 min and did it :slight_smile:

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When I try to rate a package I get:

A requested object or an object invalved in the request was not found on the server.

Just added some ratings :slight_smile:

Removed a bunch of packages too, lol

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As always, please create a ticket at the bugtracker. Start HaikuDepot with -v trace to see if you can get more info, mention your hrev and what package causes problems.

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We should keep reminding ourselves of this, because there are still too few ratings. External repos in particular are hardly taken into account at all.

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