HaikuDepot Error

I’ve installed Haiku numerous times, on hardware and virtual machines. However, on one installation, HaikuDepot always gives me an error when it starts up or refreshes it’s list.

Does anyone know how to fix this? It doesn’t seem to affect anything, but it is kind of annoying. Also, where are the application logs?


unmount ~/config
mkdir ~/config/cache

and reboot.


Known issue :confused:

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Thanks! HD working again for me :sunny: (used to use pkgman that works OK, but now I can check HD also again!

Excellent! Thanks! I don’t know why, but that error just annoyed me.

Hello @MrEntropy; Thank you for raising this.

I don’t know why, but that error just annoyed me.

Obviously resorting to log trace represents a diagnostic tool to help understand specific problems that are not intended to happen. Indeed in this case, the logs have proved very helpful.

  • Is there better wording that you can think of that would be more descriptive about where to look for the logs or is there a better way to help the operator find out about the logs?
  • The error message in your screenshot is a very general error message covering a very wide range of possible situations. If you feel that a general user is also likely to encounter the same situation because you feel your setup is not unusual then a more specific error message can be added. If you feel this is the case please create a new ticket for this explaining the cause and how to reproduce the scenario. Please post the ticket number here afterwards.

Showing the location of the log file would be a help. I honestly have no idea where to look for HaikuDepot’s log file.

I haven’t the faintest idea of how to reproduce this. It was happening from the moment I installed Haiku. I’ve installed Haiku about a dozen times for various reasons, and this was the only time I’ve ever seen it.

I have made three changes around this problem;

  • The user guide for HaikuDepot now contains information about how to view the logs.
  • The error message suggests that the user view the user guide for details about the logs.
  • A check is made at startup to ensure that the cache directory is writable and readable; if not it will prompt the user suggesting they sort the problem out or it will allow the user to continue with reduced functionality.