HaikuDepot: Categories Filter Shows Nothing


I’m having a problem filtering packages by category in HaikuDepot. Selecting the “All Categories” filter from the menu seems to work, showing all packages. But any other category selection just produces an empty list. Also, when packages do get listed, their package sizes are not being displayed. These happen in R1b1, and in the latest nightly build.

Maybe related: Haiku Depot server down?

I don’t think so, but I’m no expert on this piece of software and its servers. It was doing this last night also. First it did what it was doing now, then I got it working once apparently by switching the network card to the Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (NAT) in VirtualBox, but then everything went south and it’s been like that ever since. Also, it will list but won’t install source packages.

IIRC cathegories in packages is not implemented jet

Hmmm… It was working briefly for me last night.

I use it in bridged mode. Seems more reliable, and avoids some double-NAT problems.

The problem is indeed that HDS is down.

Not being able to install source packages is a separate bug, and one that is already known.