HaikuDepot and hpkg

I didn’t find any information on how to propose a new application on HaikuDepot or how to create a hpkg file ?

The most common way to have your application included in HaikuDepot is to create a pull request at HaikuPorts which includes a build recipe. These recipes are built using the haikuporter tool. There are several guides on setting up haikuporter and working with recipes in the wiki and elsewhere. You can also open an issue at github with a request for some help in writing the recipe.

If you really want to create packages manually, without using haikuporter, then you can read about the package command in some of the developer documentation. You would have to distribute these packages yourself by hosting them somewhere. To have them included in HaikuDepot you would have to set up your own package repository similar to the other third party repositories.


Perfect thanks !

Or you use the hpkg creator (to create hpgk) from software.besly.de and the repomaker to create a repo.

You can find under besly.de the tutorials in the menupoint package Management system for the programs.

Regards lorglas

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