HaikuArchives CI broken?

Hi, trying to make PRs for ArtPaint and it seems like the CI build has broken recently for HaikuArchives. The error that shows up is:

Run vmshell 'cd src; ./build.sh'
Building ArtPaint
./build.sh: line 3: make: command not found
Error: Process completed with exit code 127.

Can someone take a look whenever you have a moment? Seems odd that make would be missing.



The CI is fully defined in the repository: https://github.com/HaikuArchives/ArtPaint/blob/master/.github/workflows/build.yaml

It seems the “pkgman install” step updates the Haiku package used for the build, and as a result, it needs a reboot to activate the packages. However, the CI script has the reboot step commented out. So, the installed make package in that step never gets activated.

This happens because there was a new commit added to the beta branch since the docker image used to run the build was generated.

Re-enabling the lines to reboot the Haiku VM should work, or, to avoid that, the docker should be updated to the latest version of Haiku from the beta branch. I do not know who built it and how it was done.

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The CI image is rebuilt every week or so. Please be patient, or ignore this for a few days :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @korli! I will just be patient.

Thanks for the info @PulkoMandy ; it’s good to know.