Haiku x86_64 install USB sound card support?

I just installed Haiku R1/beta4 on my Huawei Matestation S. I have a Behringer UMC404HD USB sound card that I was hopping to use, so that I can input audio from bass guitar as well as saxophone. Unfortunately, the USB sound card does not appear to be recognized by the system.

Is this a case of a bridge too far, for what is after all beta software, or is there another explanation, such as the sound card model or a question of unique configuration for my computer?


Drivers may not exist yet for USB audio.

There’s only an old embryo of driver for USB audio support that is not built by default.
People tried it lately without success. There are more and more devices using USB or Bluetooth audio and this is something Haiku should improve. As always, what is missing is one or two devs with knowledge, time, and will to get into this.

After a quick search there are few tickets opened relative to USB audio. You may want to vote for this one which for enabling the existing driver. Not sure that it would make it usable but, at least, you would be able to test.

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Cards like the Behringer use USB audio version 2 iirc. The cards supported by that driver are V1 only, unfortunately. (Did a bit of poking around in that driver with a Behringer umc202 but my knowledge is not good enough here).

Would be super if someone came up with a V2 driver indeed :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to register with any of the Haiku web browsers that I have installed. None of the web browsers on my iPad seem to satisfy the registration system… I keep getting a message that if I am human, I should try harder.

On Haiku, Web+ should work.
Unfortunately, to avoid spam bots, there has to be a captcha. Be sure that you answered the question…
Hint: The question is just under the answer field ‘Parole’…

Finally registered, but something is still flakey as the user name and password I just used will not work to log in…