Haiku Website Suggestions/Feedback

I’ve started this thread so we can discuss what needs to be improved/added to the website and how we can implement it before we formally make tickets on Trac for people to work on/track progress. If you have any suggestions etc. please post them here!

I’ll start: being part of the promotion team, we’d really like some space (maybe on the home page?) to show off Haiku - have screenshots, lay out all the good stuff Haiku offers etc - something the current website doesn’t do.

A switch to manually toggle between dark/light mode would be good too.

Additionally, in preparation for Single Sign-On and to make it easier to get around the Haiku websites, it would be good to have an apps drawer or something like that with icons and links to Trac, HaikuDepot, Gerrit, etc.


There is a “screenshot tour” already, linked from the header of the homepage: Haiku Slideshow | Haiku Project . The FAQ also covers several items regarding this topic.

The top box on the homepage is a bit of a mess now, a lot of links to everything were added there and it is very crowded now, with the download button, link to “userguide” and “guides” and “installation guide” (what?? where do I start??) and the huge donation piggy bank taking all the space. Surely we could make better use of this area.

They are right there at the top right of the homepage?

As for things we should fix on the website:

  • Rework the main navigation header. Currently it is split into about / community / development / documents. This organization makes no sense to me and makes no sense to most website contributors. So they have grown a separate “guides” section that is not linked from the main menu of the site. I think the “documents” section should be removed and “guides” should replace it. The content of “documents” should be moved to the appropriate places: development section, guides section, the userguide, or the newly introduced developer docs.
  • Make the “events” more visible, they are just a small box in the corner and it’s hard to visit the pages for past events where there is usually a report of what happened
  • Consider moving the “blog” stuff inside “community”, and allow people to have their personal blog however they want. Maybe not everything from blogs should be on the homepage
  • Generally make sure the sidebar for each section matches the landing page for that section. For example see how the “menu” section of Community | Haiku Project and the page itself link to different content, or the same content but with a different organization
  • Fix Articles | Haiku Project so it is not just a dozen-pages-long list of things without any way to search or navigate it. It seems ALL pages from the website are listed here?

Yeah, I know, but it would be nice if we had some space on the homepage for this. Even if it was just one screenshot in the top box, similar to how ReactOS does it.

Yeah true, all this info should really be in the navigation bar. We could make use of dropdowns to fit more links in. For the piggy bank, that’s important for highlighting fundraising, but maybe we could make it into a more compact horizontal fundraising tracker.

Yes, but having some sort of drawer you can click on to open means we can display more icons plus provide some brief info on what everything does (for newcomers)

Yeah, we’ve talked about this before - with the developer docs being fully online now we can finally get to work on this.

Yup, I’ve created a ticket for making events pop up on the frontpage: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/17294

But yeah, would be nice if the sidebars listing the events listed all the past events instead of just the latest one and we should have a page where you can scroll through all the past events.

Not sure if this would break a lot of things but renaming the “conferences” section to “events” would be good too.

Yeah, we can probably move things like the Activity Report, GSOC reports etc. to the News section, and then have the blog section moved to be inside the community section as you said. Maybe on the community page we could display a list of the most recent blog posts as is currently done with these on the homepage.

Looks like the sidebar used is the same for a number of pages - what we’ll have to do is create a number of sidebars that link to the content related to the pages it’s on. I think usually sites automatically generate this with tags, but it’s hard for us to do this since we rarely use tags, even on things like news items and blog posts, though I’ve been tagging all the things I post.

Yes, I think it’s quite strange too. The articles section is built like that of the news section and the blogs section and thus the articles page provides a list of all the articles. Issue is that articles refer to every single page on the website. It even has its own sidebar on the frontpage where the most recently updated/new articles are displayed. We can get rid of the sidebar and maybe the indexing the website does too.

A side note too, the page navigation on the bottom of that articles page is a bit broken - the primary colour is blue, presumably from Bootstrap and the text isn’t visible so we will need to override those CSS attributes.

Seems the best place for a noob like myself to step in.

– Make the default text bigger.

(Distrotube of youtube’s vid begin 2023 resparked my interest in Haiku)

Not a very busy topic since OP did post it. Am I lost searching an appropriate noob corner?

First post ever, better ask for much bigger text for folks running webpositives on Haiku.
As DT remarked, we all do 4k or 1920x1080’s, on this OS that used to do 640x480 and 8x6hundred.

" They tuke mah djeb" and I like FOSS and we the people.
I will browse around for the memes… , and to learn and contribute.

Edit: I was Wrung! Website tricked me with a 1 reply under jt15s.
One PulkoMandy was very busy and involved.