Haiku Video Demonstration and Overview

Yes, that is the plan - we’ll do other videos showing people how to do daily tasks within Haiku


General feedback:
YES - very good voice, minor tweaks with few words and speed would be great.
NO - music is too much and not in the spirit of Haiku aesthetics…
Maybe - some slower tempo and more structured and focused movement with cursor, windows and less variations of desktop would be good.

Specific feedback:

  • Please consider licencing issues on YouTube to be CreativeCommons, with no commercial music, corporate brands (incl. websites) and commercial software (unless they explicitly grant permission to show their UI under CreativeCommons)…why am I saying this? I would love to upload this to Commons.Wikimedia.org to use in Wikipedia!
  • Please consider lower resolution so that interface is more prominent and visible even without full-screen view and with more clarity in details of UI style and UX which I still think IMHO is big advantage to most Linux desktops.
  • Please consider elaborating what BeOS was pioneering and why it is still relevant to have it as inspiration, rather than just some kind of retro-computing niche OS…as this could be very inspirational for people to hear that bLeeding edge experiments are possible, unlike with conventional mainstream OSes that are being fairly passive in this respect.