Haiku under Hyper-V Server R2

I just installed the “freeware” Hyper-V Server R2 (http://www.microsoft.com/hyper-v-server/) on a blank machine and tried to install the latest Haiku CD GCC4 nightly in a VM.

The VM starts but freezes @ boot screen after turn on the last icon (the rocket).

Any ideas ?

EDIT: i forgot to post the link to vtCommander, useful for who wanna try Hyper-V Server without an external client -> http://vtcommander.com/Products/vtCommander/

I had a GCI student who managed to get it to boot to the point they they were trying to select a language and keymap when it froze up.

They sadly did not write down their steps to get that far, even if it was part of the task.

What does the on screen debug say just before it freezes?