Haiku Tutorial and support channel on LBRY


I just wanted to let people know that I’ve set up a site on LBRY where I’m posting Haiku related tutorials and reviews.

I’d also like to interview some of the main contributors to the project and post the conversations.

I hope to post a new tutorial every three days. If you have suggestions for topics, I’m open. If your a member of LBRY, please consider following and using the tip jar. If your not, why not join? If you do, please mention me as the one who suggested it to you on the rewards page.

Thanks for your time.


That’s great! But I’m not sure about the name ‘HaikuOSChannel’ since the OS is called ‘Haiku’ not HaikuOS.


Can we PLEASE, not have that discussion again ever.


Agreed. For a video site channel it is a perfectly fine name, so people don’t think it is about the poetry. Seriously, it is fine.

Thanks for this tthoms, any publicity Haiku can get is awesome!


Nobody wants THAT discussion again.

But if were going to get a swath of newcomers from this channel calling it the wrong name in their blogs, discussions, tutorials and videos, You might as well change the whole OS name to HaikuOS right? /s

Everyone is free to call it whatever they like, but there’s a reason why the Haiku devs have long told about why “HaikuOS” is incorrect and I won’t repeat the reasons here.

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Hi! Thanks for the feedback. It was a conscious decision to call the channel HaikuOSChannel simply because a lot of people have no idea what the operating system Haiku is, and I wanted it to show up in the name. I try to call it “Haiku” during the tutorials (although I’m sure that I slip up at times). For fun, I might make a little hay about the discussion about Haiku vs HaikuOS, because who doesn’t like a little controversy to break up the monotony of tutorials.