Haiku to mentor 5 students in Google Summer of Code 2024 | Haiku Project

For many years now, Haiku is a regular participant in the Google Summer of Code program, which offers paid mentorship to people willing to work full time on Haiku for a few months. Google handles the payments, while mentors from our developer team handle the onboarding of the new contributors and guide them through the project.

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Ahoy GSOC 2024 participants,

Thank you for your efforts in advance !.. :cowboy_hat_face:

Have fun :fireworks: and enjoy :chocolate_bar: coding

your proposals
for Haiku, and apps/services on Haiku !

And beforeyou would ask for help
never feel yourself such embarassed like
THIS picture shows … 8D


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Great projects this year. I wish all participants a good time and success with their GSOC projects!
I´m especially excited about accelerated QEMU and the WebKit2 port.


Welcome to all student and best wishes for successful projects all around!


Accelerated QEMU can really make a big difference, it would allow users to rely on a virtual machine inside Haiku when they are in need of apps that have not yet been ported to Haiku.

It’s not the solution, but it’s a good work-around for all the people that can’t rely on Haiku as their daily driver at the moment because they are use to some applications that are not yet available.

Well not only that, I have many use cases for running VMs with different OS. Or even Haiku itself, for example keeping the host machine on the latest beta for stability and follow the nightlies in a VM. Or for testing apps on a 32bit Haiku installation.

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Good luck to all 2024 GSoc students

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