Haiku to mentor 3 students in Google Summer of Code 2023 | Haiku Project

For many years now, Haiku is a regular participant in the Google Summer of Code program, which offers paid mentorship to people willing to work full time on Haiku for a few months. Google handles the payments, while mentors from our developer team handle the onboarding of the new contributors and guide them through the project.

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Congrats to the students for acceptance to GSoC 2023! Wishem all 3 of them all the best of luck! :ok_hand:


Welcome ! :smiley:

Have some great learning curves with improvement of Haiku env’ and fun with the β€œA-ha !” moments during observing the outputs of your doings !.. 8D

Great news! :slight_smile:
VPN would be fine on Haiku.
It is planned to support VB.NET code too? Or only C#?

The work is for the runtime, so VB.NET code should work as long as Roslyn (the thing that manages compilation) works.

Good to hear ! :grinning:

Personally happy seeing Icon-o-Matic getting some love. It has a lot of potential to improve on the usability and UX side.


All three of these projects sound very interesting. Best of luck!