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Hi all, hope you are all having a great start to March! kallisti5 has put together a survey to help determine the priorities the Project should focus on for the immediate future. If you haven’t already, we would really appreciate if you filled out the survey - it is 100% anonymous and you do not have to enter any personal details. You can fill out the survey here.

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I thought this survey is finished already!
Why doing it again?
@Kallisti5 got all information what he was looking for?

It’s the same survey. More data more better I guess? :slight_smile:

(wow, we’re up to 223 responses!)


I really think that as soon as WebKit/Web+ are fully working with hardware acceleration, multimedia features and developer tools, then its really a moment one can switch. Also Electron-based applications will start working then and there are a lot of modern tools which will be supported then.

Electron is Chromium based, which is not yet available for Haiku.

FYI : HaikuPorts bans “classical” electron programs:

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Okay, and how far are we away from Chromium support with the current WebKit?

You are comparing apples (the fruit) to bananas.

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Chromium (and Electron) is based on the Blink engine from Google. It is originally a fork of WebKit but the two projects are separate since 2014. So, the WebKit port does not help a lot in getting Chromium or Electron apps working.

Thanks for your competent explanation.

Where can we see the results of the servay?

They will be posted on the website soon (currently in review, fixing some typos, etc)