HAIKU supported filesystems

I want to install HAIKU on my system. The PC is set up in a multi-boot
configuration and I need to configure a partition for HAIKU,. but I need
to know what filesystem type to configure to boot from.

Also what are the different filesystems that HIAKU can work with?

C1Steve. Thank you

Use BeFS. If your current OS cannot format a partition to be BeFS, make a FAT partition with a unique partition label, then use DriveSetup on a live Haiku USB stick to format it to BeFS.

BeFS is just fine.

I use BootitBareMetal as my partition manager,
and boot manager, and it supports BeFS just fine.

Thank you C1Steve

No problem. I’m glad I could help you out.

I ever use ext2 because you Windows system can get change you Partition mount point and then you programs does not run anymore.

Take a look at the haiku guides or my tutorial