Haiku Stopped Booting [Solved]

I have an HP Envy that I have been running Haiku on for years. As of 10/21/21 Haiku will no longer boot on this laptop. It will get to the HD icon and just stop. It doesn’t matter if I try to boot from the HD or a USB. Anything from after 10/20/21 doesn’t boot. If I go into the boot options and select a state of 10/20/21 (the oldest I have) it boots fine. But nothing after 10/20/21 will boot. Is anyone else having problems? I’m not even sure what to include in a ticket for this. I don’t have much info and I can’t get the devs a system log, because it won’t boot.

Just as an FYI I have an other system, a desktop (ASRock J5005-ITX) that I also run Haiku on and it’s just fine. Only the HP Envy and only after with a system state of 10/21/21 or later.

The date of the state is already a good indicator, please open a ticket with a syslog if the booting revision (thus we know roughly the hw) and the revision number that still boots.

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@nephele Just to clarify. You would like a syslog from the last working state?

Yeah, for the failed one you might be able to show on screen debug info from the bootloader.

I’m not sure how to get you the screen debug. The only thing on the screen are the boot icons.

Also, suddenly, there are now two entries in the EFI boot loader for the one Haiku partition. Each EFI entry shows the exact same system states and I can use either one to boot. As long as I choose the state dated 10/20/21. But reboot no longer works as it stops at EFI and complains that the boot drive is not valid. Then I manually select the sate dated 10/20 and poof, it boots.

Ticket created. Thanks for the help @nephele

Issue 17352

And the loser is: an nvme_disk change I made which fixed booting on QEMU and some other hardware, but apparently has broken it for @DFergFLA. Ah, the joys of driver development…


You’ll get it fixed. I have faith in you… so no pressure or anything… just the whole world watching… :sunglasses:

I am an STE (System Test Engineer) for software. I have a motto that I say to any developer I work with. “You make it. I break it.” and I’m very good at breaking it.

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A kindred spirit!


In my admittedly limited experience, given the symptoms @DFergFLA was experiencing, my automatic thought was of an issue finding the hard drive during the boot process. Interesting to see that thought confirmed :slight_smile:

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Just in case anyone was following this. This is has been resolved.


I fixed the subject line accordingly.



Thanks, I didn’t think of that.