Haiku spy

I would like to have your opinions to one idea.

What do you think about a “haiku spy” , that means daemon / application , installed in the haiku system by default (and users can deactivate it, if needed) , that is collecting information and sending it back to haiku.

The functionality would be described in a manual, so that the users know everything the computer is doing.

But the idea is, that user-information, could help haiku to develop better.
For example this “spy” would collect informaton like:

  • what haiku version is the user runnnig (what nightly build)
  • how often is haiku turned on and off
  • how many hours a month it is turned on
  • how often are used certain applications
  • what cpu is your computer (and other hardware information)
  • etc…

This would be a big help, to collect all this data, and to make a online available statistics. So everyone has one idea how haiku is developing. How many active users does it have? Are these users using older or newer hardware (show the distribution/chart). How many are using official release, and more many the nightly builds, etc…

What do you think, would you accept such a “spy” on your haiku, or would you deactivate it?

Well, I wouldn’t call it haiku spy and I wouldn’t run this as a daemon because you have to be all the time online (It would also creates unnecessary traffic). I think it would be better to have an option to send anonymous system informations to Haiku.

Seeing as how we have so few devs, and still a lot of stuff that they need to do, I don’t think we need a Haiku Spy, but as I think this info would be useful, I would accept it.

One thing that I think would be important would be how it collects data. It should definitely be able to be turned off and it should be implemented at the package level rather than the file level. While being developed, the developer needs to make sure it isn’t implemented like a keylogger so as to slow down computers.

One other thing, Haiku spy sounds evil, more people would probably use it if the name were changed to “haiku usage statistics” or something

NSA approves this idea, lol.

For general statistical information to help development I can see it being useful. I agree that “spy” isn’t a good name, but that’ minor. The opt out would be required for those that just don’t trust. It would be a help.

Hello fucking no!I don’t want Haiku sending any info to you. My data is private and I don’t want this maleware built into haiku. I don’t want your crapy keyloger and you should take it to Windows as they love the NSA!!! THIS IS A

  1. BAD IDEA!
  2. No one said a keylogger would be in it… the opposite was said. If it’s optional and truly honest, what’s the problem? Yes, your data is private. Hence OPTIONAL. If you don’t want it then don’t use it. I don’t think it should be enabled by default, or part of the os but built as an optional package in the first place anyway. So where is the harm in that?

    So then you are saying what is the harm of a plane company haveing swap teams watching you on their fligts.

    Not at all. What I’m saying is, if it helps know what’s being used, how it’s being used etc and that’s it… No personally identifiable information should be sent / given. Then what’s the harm?

    this has nothing to do with anything else… Not the NSA, not an airline company, etc. And I don’t know if you realize this or not, but there have been us marshals on airline flights in the US since the 80’s if not earlier.

    I’m not asking for an invitation to spy… See, that’s why the name “spy” is a bad example… This kind of knee jerk reaction.

    Optional also means you don’t have to use it. Though if you’d like to help the community with statistics I don’t see the harm.

    Even some distros in linux have it… It’s called popularity contest. The difference being they just gather stats about packages used. Ubuntu has a “spy” now too and no, that doesn’t mean it’s ok…

    Like I said, no personally identifiable information, just usage stats… no big deal and keep it optional. Optional to install, optional to use, etc.

    As long as it was like on Debian… where you can opt out at installation. Being able to opt in or out as well would be fine. Off and not installed not at all would be fine don’t even put the binaries on my system or in my package cache.

    I don’t want to accidentally select it when installing … there can be a popup that asks to install with a little sales pitch on how it helps but the “skip” button better be highlighted… by default.

    It would probably be best as an optional sort of thing available for those willing to use it.

    Having something like that pre-installed & enabled by default might cause some people to find it a little creepy… regardless of its good intentions… a different name for it would definitely help.

    Yes, but if it is not preinstalled, it risks not to be enabled, because people are lazy, or don’t care, or don’t know… etc…

    Anyway, it would be open-source, you can see what it does.

    Your right, it does risk not being enabled if it’s not installed. Though making the sales pitch for what it is, and actually does and asking yay or nay to install is about the best option to go with. That way the users have an avenue that satisfies them one way or the other.

    [quote=cipri]Yes, but if it is not preinstalled, it risks not to be enabled, because people are lazy, or don’t care, or don’t know… etc…

    Anyway, it would be open-source, you can see what it does.[/quote]
    Thats the point we don’t want it. Keep your nasty keylogger and let the devlopers focus on geting Haiku to work right for Alpha 5 so that moniters could work fullly or fix other bugs that are anoying like not suporting multiple cores.

    PS: Your keyloger will also make Hiaku vonable to attack by the NSA and I would like to keep as much data out of their cluchs thank you very much.

    Linuxgamer you need to seriously READ. I’ve even reiterated that point that they are not talking about a keylogger. If your so worried about the NSA, Why do you even use the internet at all?! Or even linux for that matter… Did you even realize SELinux was created by the NSA?

    You have linux admins flat out tell people, if your not using SELinux your not secure. Not to mention, linux itself is vulnerable with or without SELinux, most operating systems are! It doesn’t take a keylogger to do that.

    I URGE You, PLEASE, PLEASE, Either read or look a little deeper into things rather than just rant and rave because of a clutch reaction.

    Go lookup popularity contest.


    This is, in effect, what he’s really talking about with some added fluff for OS Usage. Not logging your every key, mouse click and move to send to someone else. Just what apps your actually using and how often you use the OS. It’s harmless, but again… Even with that “harmless” data, you can always just say no anyway. All I’m askin is to keep it productive.