Haiku Software Updater Enhancements

The Haiku Software Updater should give the user the flexibility to choose which packages are to be installed or excluded from an update. This is particularly important during the current phase of development, where updates are often prone to breaking the system.
I have posted screenshots of the Ubuntu Software Updater as an example of how it could possibly be done in Haiku.

After the updates are complete, there should be an option to reboot the system for the updates to take effect.


Something like this is curently in development, but not inclded into the nightly, iirc.


Actually, SoftwareUpdater has been included since a few month now. However, it doesn’t support updating/excluding certain packages. I think it is better to create a ticket since not every Haiku dev ready forums.


Thanks for the reference mate :smile:

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Good day @vidrep,

I agree on this one, even from my POV, I would like to have two sections, one for the core OS and another for third party apps, with the ability to have 2 versions of certain software installed, besides selecting what and what not to update.

Someone (in my case, me) might be working on a project with a version of certain software and when update comes, don’t want to update, but side install the new version. Some new versions include big changes that might affect workflow, and might alter work done on prior versions of the software, thus having both versions along is important for certain use cases too. I presume.