Haiku Simutrans Port unmaintained and looking for developers!

Hi all,

Simutrans, an open-source game similar to OpenTTD and TTD, has a Haiku port but the latest version of the port listed on the website is stuck on 112.2:

HaikuDepot has a version on 120.0 (last updated in 2019), and the latest version of the game is 122.0.

Just wondering if anyone on here is interested in taking up maintenance of the port since it looks like work on the Haiku version has become stagnant. FYI, Simutrans is hosted on Sourceforge, so you can access the source and upload completed files there.

For anyone who’s interested, I’d strongly recommend joining the official forums just to get some advice and tips on how to get going (and maybe ask them to update the Haiku listing whilst you’re there):


Latest version on Haiku is 120.4.1 see: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/blob/f85fb2d8ddbc31ce149a3395a48ff1cca61c05c9/games-simulation/simutrans/simutrans-120.4.1.recipe
The one listed there is probably still the older BeOS one?

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No, it says Haiku on the website. I think the recipe may work for the latest version but someone will have to try it out and see.

Last day of vacation here, atm working on getting some upstream patches for freeciv (2.6.* should be ok now, 3.* branch also (with less changes needed for Haiku)), just some finetuning needed, so if anyone is interested, please do :slight_smile:


Fixed a build issue with the Simutrans 120.4.1 port and Simutrans 122.0 on Haiku R1B2. The recipe and patches look good now.


Great work! I’ll contact Simutrans and ask them to update their website with the link to Haiku Depot. Will the port be built automatically?