Haiku & SATA/SATA2

I noticed that its said Haiku cannot handle SATA or SATA2, and as I would like to have this on my PC, I’ve been seeking possible solutions:

  1. Have both SATA & ATA in the custom build.
  2. Have build use SATA or SATA2, but have ATA mobile-rack HDD with IDE adapter.
  3. Been told some motherboards have this IDE emulation that would run Haiku on SATA.
    Will any of these work? Pros and cons? Other options?

I have SATA and works fine, but I believe that my computer is set for IDE emulation.

Haiku supports SATA, some chipsets might have problems still. But on all my machines it works just fine. (Intel and ATI). I even run one with a OCZ Vertex 2 SSD and it works fine.

Just to add to the existing comments, I’m running Haiku on SATA II without any issues.

IF your SATA is set to IDE emulation or AHCI mode, then it should definitely work. If not, it may work.