Haiku running on Protonet Maya

Today an unusual piece of hardware that supports Haiku surprisingly well: Protonet Maya. Outside of Germany, this orange tank is unlikely to be widespread and not many should have been sold in Germany either. It was around 2014 when a promising startup developed a tiny server that should score with the simplest setup and the highest level of data protection. It did, but the company failed for other reasons. (But that’s another story).

The core is a Celeron 1.4 with two cores, a 500 GB SSD and in my case with 16 GB Ram. The thermal construction is similar to the PowerMac G4 Cube, so it does not require any fans or any noise at all. In order to be able to install Haiku (or any other system), one must remove the internal USB stick and adjust the BIOS. I haven’t been able to test the sound output yet (port is hidden inside), but otherwise everything seems to work out of the box and right away.

There are more details on the hardware on this old blog (unfortunately german only – sorry):


Können wir die Daten aus dem Blog übernehmen für die Hardwaredatenbank oder was geht alles nicht?

Can we take the informations from the blog for our hardware database? is everything running, whats not?


Soundcheck wird noch nachgeholt aber ringsum funktionierte bei mir alles.

Je mehr Info von der Hardware desto besser :slight_smile:

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