Haiku (RiscV) on a 4Gb VisionFive 2 v1.0 board

I have an opportunity to purchase one on Amazon and have it here within a few days. Only about $73!

Before I pull the trigger, I need to know:

  1. Is the latest revision of Haiku (RiscV) bootable on a VisionFive 2 v1.0 board (assuming newer revisions of this board are named differently, such as v1.2, v1.3, etc.)?
  2. Is Haiku installable/bootable on a 4Gbyte version of the VisionFive 2?
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  1. Y. Note: Firmware update importance.
  2. Y.
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It’s been difficult for me to pick through a ton of comments in various threads, to find out what I would need to do, to get Haiku (RiscV) running on a VisionFive 2 board. Do you think it would be possible to detail it out, step by step, so I don’t get frustrated with failed guessing?

I assume the very first thing I need to do is update the firmware (I also assume the VisionFive 2 PCB revision (v1.0 is the only one I’ve seen) doesn’t matter). Assuming my board comes with that USB serial programming dongle thingy (if it doesn’t, is it cheap to get one?), what OS should I boot (or install, if necessary), to get that taken care of?

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Yes. The thread gives a lot of Haiku-related information for notes.

So if you look here:

You can look/review at this info and make notes for QEMU and bare metal installations based on your own experience(s).

Rather you read the info beforehand as there are some tools and utilities that may/may not work at this time (or as intended).

Some deliveries come with a SD image with a Linux distro prebuilt. There are notes on flashing firmware, what is needed, and other things from that point. You can study the hardware from that angle and make additional notes for the things that interest you for Haiku migrations.