Haiku review at Ars Technica

There’s a Haiku review at Ars Technica.

There are plenty of comments - one mentions some multiuser code for BeOS that might be handy to find:

“Digger reply Jul 4, 2017 12:00 PM
Pointless trivia, there was a Japanese ‘school’ that used BeOS for teaching computing principles (or something, the site was in Japanese, so it was hard to tell for me) AND they’d written a multi-user login for it (and had screenshots) which I thought was brilliant at the time as one of the complaints (and rightfully so) against BeOS was the single-user only workspace.”

An extremely superficial review IMO. Usually Ars articles tend to be more insightful…

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I wasn’t impressed by the comments, either. Almost uniformly dismissive (usually without personal experience of the OS).

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The report is very superficial and is about a test run with a 64 bit build. It is not surprising if the whole has a bland flavor. Haiku is not really going well here.

If the author had dealt more closely with Haiku, the BeZilla would not
find any mention, as the development was aborted for a long time.

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This review is out-of-beat-and-tune from the insightful operating system reviews I have come to expect from Ars.

Furthermore, the vast majority of the numerous comments are pretty shallow albeit pretty typical of the current web-crowd.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to monitor the download counters, if there are ones, for R1-Alpha and the most recent nightly to see if there is a spike in interest arising from this review.

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I stopped going to ARS when they dumbed-down their web interface to make the phone crowd happy. Yes, all web pages should be short as twitter tweets now.

Is it true that “all publicity is good publicity?”

I gotta admit, I usually find myself using Netsurf on Haiku. We need another round of development on Web+ … I think that should be the next funded project.

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Any publicity is a mixed blessing.

In this particular case, the ARS review appears to have brought enough renewed-interest for OSNews to mention Haiku. Unfortunately, this was about the Y2038 fix: http://www.osnews.com/story/29907/Haiku_fixes_year_2038_bug .

Of all the possible topics, including the Haiku projects currently under the GoC umbrella and the various fundamental improvements made over the last few months, a silly blip was used. This is not that the Y2038 fix is insignificant. It is just that it is fairly minor with respect to the journey remaining to get to R1.

I guess the web has become a humongous advertising billboard and anything is fair to attract attention from the mass and consequently revenues from the ads.

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