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Software on a computing platform such as Haiku is typically distributed as a package. Without a packaging system it would be hard for users to install software and because software often depends on other software, the chain of dependencies would be difficult for a user to resolve themselves. To orchestrate the distribution and management of the packages, Haiku has a packaging system which consists of applications, online tools, on-host tools and software libraries. One aspect of the packaging system is the coordination and identification of repositories.

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Article contents are very helpful, but why use 256 colors in illustrations? It makes illustrations look ugly, for example: https://www.haiku-os.org/files/blog/apl/repository_identification/hd-from-hds.png.

Thanks. I’m using the low BPP images because they are smaller causing reduced storage overhead and reduced transmission overhead. The same information is conveyed.

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Great read, and nice and clean design and order.
Very helpful and informativ.
This article will help some user to understand what’s going on within the Repository and HaikuDepot.
For the illustration, I like it because the reader is focused to the Information and not distracted by the graphic.