Haiku Report

Haiku Report Question why can’t haiku become rev. verse. Automatic update e.g. hrev57244 to hrev57246, every time I have to re-install my software Otter Browswe, Krita, RAW TH. Ect.

Then I have the feeling that the Ram processing is very slow Haiku Depot takes me ages to load and to download Haiku is a great system but it is still so flawed that it is difficult to work with haiku, but haiku has been around since 2000 now the question is what should become of haiku,

Windows, Mac, Linux is KIBot software dirt and not good in my eyes, please let’s update Haiku now properly and make it a New World operating system because the Germans can’t get along with their Magnussoft Zeta Unix Haiku a good project, save the world with a new better OS, Haiku4Life

my problem Ram Very Slow (processing) Haiku Depot Very Slow AMD Graphic ATI 5000 series doesn’t work so well only in graphics safe mode regads

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Poor quality topic.

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It is already possible to know what changed in each hrev on main page. It is even possible with few more clicks to get a detailed version. Unfortunately, if you’re not a developer, it is sometimes obscure and sometimes you don’t see where it goes. That’s why there is a ‘monthly’ report.
Are you running on a CD or DVD live version? In this case obviously packages are downloaded to ram and on an old computer, it can be indeed very slow if you don’t have a lot of ram. It’s really here so you can test without installing.
Installed on a USB key, it is already way faster, even without XHCI. On disk, it is blazing fast. In both case, your software would be saved on hardware so you wouldn’t have to reinstall.


ok thanks for the info, I’m not a programmer but I want to get down from mac and windows linux I’ll continue to test and play, I’ve tested a lot of Unix but Haiku looks the most beautiful.

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Haiku is not Unix even if (like Windows) it has POSIX compatibility. It is not a GNU/linux distribution either, even if it allows to run some of GNU software. Haiku has its own kernel and is developed nearly from scratch. So yes, it is different but it has a cost. Hardware support is not what you will find on these mainstream OS. For example, 3D acceleration is highly experimental and is only working for few cards.
At the moment, I would more recommend a dual boot setup than a complete replacement unless you have another computer.