Haiku recipe creator

First pictures of my recipe creator:

Settings window

Creator window

Many things to check now. I am at the point to have all data to write a recipe.

Next step to load a recipe into the creator.

Then i need to find a good way to include spezial commands in the recipe, i see in some recipes (scripting).


Great thing that you are making a recipe creator. I had wanted to make such an app for a long time but never got round to it.

I’d probably just create a text control for it and let the user fill in the scripting code in free form. If somebody wants to use custom scripting in recipes they need to know what they are doing anyway. Maybe even hide it from the non-advanced users with an “show advanced features” button or checkbox.


The import of recipes in the scope of the program (as of today) is finished. Next comes saving the recipe.

Further planning:

  • Enable scripting area for scripts in the recipe
  • Backup of existing scripts when reading in finished recipes (avoid data loss).
  • Extended input masks for other possible entries that were previously used in recipes (only via release via settings area).
  • Haikuport’s update
  • Extended setting options