Haiku R2 what would BeOS be today?


@Barret has actually talked about that… definitely not until R2 though I think assuming R2 is soon ™

I think It would probably have to still provide the current IPC mechanism as well in the old API though not sure if it can do that.


be was cool, haiku has better still. what i’d like to see is the ability to remember window positions and attachments after shutdown (as opposed to just positions; the ability to save window arrangements for future sessions as sort of workplace customization – so far tge closest thing is replicants in a shelf, which is also kind of amazing but precludes things like a tracker window being part of the setup. arrangements being recordable in that way and persistent would allow also for users to share theirs with others (missing apps throwing errors, of course, and possibly linking to repository info for getting the missing app)


Window size and positions for Tracker are persistent for writable directories (so not the system dirs). We’re missing stacks/tiles, and support for doing the same in some applications (please report them).


oh yeah i know window positions are saved. relationships aren’t, though, so there’s always this awkward dance post-startup of reattaching windows that are only superficially where i left them.


The issue with Tracker not persisting user settings changes for system directories really needs to be solved eventually. If there is a will, there is a way :wink:


How to put a window over all always? if it is possible how can i do? if not it can be a good new thing for haiku.


@cosmogatokat, using the B_FLOATING_ALL_WINDOW_FEEL flag in BWindow will allow you to achieve this behavior for an application.


@CodeforEvolution but it should be written in the program source? or it is part of the window management?
Cause i am referring to the skill in almost every linux window management no matter if the program contemplate that, it is on x11, and it is the only thing i can’t find on haiku.
I is good for example with a tv window or any especial app i need to pay attention always in a little amount of space.


You can set any window to B_FLOATING_ALL_WINDOW_FEEL using:
hey StyledEdit set Feel of Window 1 to 6


@cosmogatokat, it should be written in program source.

For example:
BWindow* window = new BWindow(BRect(), “name”, B_DOCMENT_WINDOW_LOOK, B_FLOATING_ALL_WINDOW_FEEL, 0);

Or later in your code:


@CodeforEvolution, see diver’s comment. It can be done with hey script.


That’s not too much of a surprise that software from both Palm and Be eventually ended up in Android. Many of the people who worked for both companies eventually ended up in Google like Matias Duarte (UX head) and Travis Geiselbrecht (NewOS creator). The latter is currently working on Zircon, Fuschia’s kernel which is based on Little Kernel.

Come to think of it, could Fuschia be what BeOS would end up if Be was still around? I think that it also uses OpenBinder like Android, but I’m not certain of this.


Perhaps Haiku could fill that role since our kernel is a fork of NewOS. :wink:


Isn’t that part of the broader goals of Haiku anyways? :grin:


Well, Haiku is stuck as a rewrite of a 20 years old piece of software. If Be was still around, they would not have spent the last 20 years just rewriting what they already had. So the OS would be much further and probably in much unexpected directions. We will never know :slight_smile: