Haiku R1B1 - Lenovo IdeaPad N580 - Type 4358 (No sound)


According to Windows 10, it uses a Conexant SmartAudio HD. Haiku is seeing it as “Intel HD Audio” (the N580 uses an Intel B960 CPU, so maybe…?), yet nothing is heard. Is there another option for sound or am I simply… skunked (unsupported audio chipset)?


OpenSound might do it? OpenSound Driver for Haiku


It’s more likely the codec is misconfigured… could you post your syslog , the output of listdev and listusb that would help alot thanks!

Conexant is just a brand of codec that is compatible with Intel HD Audio… so Haiku is saying the right thing it just isn’t working.


Unlikely, that OpenSound will work… its more for older chips.


Yes, I have the same issue on my ThinkPad E550. It seems the newer HDA chips confuse our driver; there’s some initialization we’re missing here. I’ve found that after a warm reboot from Windows, it usually works, though.