Haiku R1/beta4 RC0: Personal experience, reflections and grab bag

I’m turning into quite the regular user! My first HaikuPorts package is already submitted via pull request for review. I’m thinking of submitting a few fonts as additional packages, though I need to figure out where to put the documentation for the attribution credits.

Dark mode - because there is a solid reason why all other operating systems have it these days

the other reason for dark mode beyond readibility and the coolness of theming, especially if you’re in front of the computer a lot, is to have a warm night mode as f.lux does on windows or redshift does in Linux. At least with an external monitor we could tweak it’s settings, but what I’ve read here is that an external monitor only work if it matches the main displays resolution. (Amazingly I hooked up a vga cord to an hdmi tv and it worked but there was tearing at the top)

Another thought is a way to reduce flicker as Iris from http://iristech.co does (supposedly flicker is what causes some migraines), but I’m not sure how they do it.

Another thing would be global hotkeys - I want meta-alt-T to launch the terminal no matter which app is open, as opposed having to to click away to the desktop.

Also couldn’t gui themes be done in a 3rd party app due to the modular nature of haiku?

thereafter bundling of e.g. BeAM

What about porting freepops? It’s a webmail to pop3/smtp proxy.

Also I don’t think too many applications should be bundled in the base system. Updates should stay fast!

They can, and they already are. The application is called thememanager

Leaf menu → preferences → shortcuts allows you to set up any global shortcuts you need.


Personally, I like the BeOS way, I find it a lot easier to use the ALT-key combinations over the CTRL of Windows.


Not just a matter of nostalgia or inheritance from BeOS, wich I think are important to respect.
Using the key closer to the spacebar as the Cmd key has a very practical reason:

It is the position that is closer to the rest of the keys

Thus facilitating more one-handed key shortcuts to people with small hands, and enabling people with large hands like me to even reach the other side of the keys isle, in a pinch, if need arises (failing keys, anyone?).

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You got bluetooth to work? What did you test, bluetooth wise?

Only pairing is implemented, so NO support yet for mouse, keyboard, earphones, etc. Those functions are simply missing.

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I hope at least support for bluetooth keyboards and pointing devices gets implemented in time for 1.0. Tha would be especially useful for SBC’s and TV boxes etc where using a full size USB keyboard can seem like overkill or is a bit awkward to use due to its location.

I will have to read the Haiku C++ tutorial sometime soon so that I can work on my pet Haiku peeves.

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I can confirm that bluetooth connectivity works on a intel iMac 2012 with Apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse running beta 4 from a usb stick.
The only hardware that doesn´t work on this mac is audio and obviously Graphics card (nvidia 640M). However even on framebuffer at 1920x1080 graphics work good.
I don’t know if this is related but I have opencore legacy patcher installed on this mac in order to run the most recent macOS version.


With intel imac audio, cold boot into OSX then warm reboot to Haiku, you will most likely get headphone audio out working. This is how I get audio working on MacBook Pro 11.3 (late 2014). Headphones only, not with built in speakers.


While trying to install the new Haiku on my second 2TB SSD, it seemed to scarmble the drive. Has anyone else had a problem with their SSD? Or is it something else I am doing wrong.

Right not the drive will not format, and while I left it powered on the activity light has been flashing the same way when I do a large transfer, could my SSD be re-organizing itself?

How did you partition it? Did you try to format it all as BeFS? If your boot firmware is UEFI, did you remember to make a second partition for the UEFI boot information formatted as FAT32?

There is not sufficient information in your post to make a judgement.

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/pedantic mode on:
It’s BFS. “BeFS” is what’s called on Linux and such.
/pedantic mode off


I am surprised that you say you have a BT keyboard and mouse working under Haiku.

I have two different USB BT adaptors (one is BT 2.0, the other 5.0) recognised by Haiku but, after selecting the BT adaptor under the BT Settings tab, nothing happens when I click ‘Pair…’ and no devices are found when I click ‘Add…’ and then click ‘Inquiry’. This is the case for both of my BT adapters under 56681.

Am I missing something? Has anyone else got any BT devices to work with Haiku? Even just pairing?

Is it Bluetooth to a usb adapter, or straight up Bluetooth? AFAIR Bluetooth is non functional on Haiku.

I’ve only tested with USB BT adapters. I think one of the devs said pairing should work but nothing else, hence my surprise that Roberto said he got is keyboard and mouse working. I’ve not even been able to get pairing to work.

I’ve got a PCI BlueTooth adapter built-in to my WIFi type-n adapter installed on my desktop. There weren’t many that came out but I have one. It’s a genuine Intel adapter. The catch is, I don’t own a BlueTooth keyboard or mouse. I’m using a USB dongle for the Key/Mouse combo.

It must be an USB dongle which sold with keyboard and mouse (like the Logitech ones). Maybe they use BT protocol under the hood but the OS doesnt know about it and doesnt involved in the actual wireless communication, the dongle take care about everything. This kind of devices works under Haiku.

For every BT devices where OS support required: this is not supported in Haiku. If somebody want to change this, patches welcome.

No, it’s not a usb bluetooth dongle I’m talking about.
It’s my iMac’s internal bluetooth paired with an apple wireless mouse and keyboard.
The only missing thing is scrolling which is touch based on apple’s magic mouse.