Haiku, R1/Beta3 - Test Candidate 2 availability

@kallisti5 Will RC3 contain all intel_Extreme fixes to date? I just ran RC2 and saw it’s not yet upto par on this.
Something nice I saw: current nightly and RC2 both run on Microsoft surface3 (no audio or network). This enables me to have a poke at it’s intel gfx (not yet in the driver). I guess this part is post beta3 though :slight_smile:


The TC2 image contains all of your intel_extreme fixes so far (see https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?h=r1beta3)


Ah ok, I stand corrected, thank you :slight_smile:

I keep a mirror at https://mirrors.tnonline.net/?dir=haiku/haiku-release/r1beta3 (will update to tc2 shortly)

There is also the IPFS which is mirrored and available through ipns://hpkg.haiku-os.org
IPFS can be found through several HTTP gateways such as /ipns/hpkg.haiku-os.org/


I created a non-boot issue with TC2 https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/17072. I have never tried to boot previous releases on this hardware.

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I haven’t seen anyone mention this, but on the latest update for the TC2 (55181 +38) Haikuwebkit 1.8.2 is included


Updating the test candidate moves forward on the beta3 branch.

Haikuwebkit 1.8.2 fixed the black borders and a ressource leak that could freeze the application server or quit the browser. :)

correct. haikuwebkit is in haikuports, nightlies and r1beta3 will get that update.

I’ve been holding on TC3 in hopes we can get a final bug fix for the WebPositive font issue. I think the devs are getting closer, but so far all attempts to resolve it have been inconclusive.


We still have not even the start of an idea about what’s wrong :slight_smile:

In any case, after the last HaikuDepot update via SoftwareUpdater, I see for the first time ‘elements’ on the Ancestris website that I have not seen there before with WebPositive!
Though flawed - but still!

Release the Beta 3 without Web+ could be an option?

We can release it with a known bug that text sometimes disappear in webpages.


I think you forgot the /s tag.

Personally, I wouldn’t even think of releasing Beta 3 without Web+

With that said though, how bad is this issue? I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but outside of a few small black squares on some sites that use a lot of js, I haven’t experienced any disappearing text.

We should wait until this annoying Web+ bug is over. Because Beta 3 will be the major entry point for new user for a year or so.

Few people will directly start with a nightly


And what is more, the browser is arguably the most important application for a computer nowadays, and there is no good alternative to Web+. If there were, it would be OK to release Beta 3 without Web+, but sadly, the few alternatives we do have are themselves far from perfect.
It would be madness to release the Beta until Web+ is as good as it can be (within reason).


I agree. WebPositive needs to be fixed before beta 3 can be released.

I’ve read and watched all the reviews of beta 2 that I could find, and almost all of them complained about the lack of functionality and instability of WebPositive.


Personally, I don’t care much what reviews say, It is a bit more important what users that actually use the OS expect of it.

In any case, we are working on webkit for beta3 to fix this issue, and the release has been delayed a bit to account for that, if we do not fix it in time however I don’t see much point to delay the release further, yes the bug is annoying, but it is hardly a bug that makes the machine unusable. Just my 2 cents anyhow.

Even if beta3 releases with this bug it can be fixed post release. There is no need to use nightlies in this case.

With regards to the browser, IMHO critique of it is one of the parts of reviews which are most likely to actually reflect what most users would think. Web browsers these days are very important in daily computing life for most folks, especially on a niche OS like Haiku wherein it can fill in many of the gaps in app support.


Agree, should be fixed for beta3.