Haiku, R1/Beta3 - Test Candidate 2 availability


Haiku, R1/Beta3 Test Candidate 2 is now available!
This is a testing image to ensure functionality of Haiku R1/Beta3 on various end user systems.

Warning: This is not the final R1/Beta3 release and should not be used on “long term” systems. This is a testing images of our codebase that will eventually become R1/Beta3.

Changes since Test Candidate 1:

  • WebPositive upgraded to haikuwebkit 1.8.1
  • EFI bootloader fixes when installed to a local disk
  • intel_extreme driver updates
  • Translation sync
  • Ensure app_server always issues a DPMS on at bootup
  • Fix handling of HTTP 204 responses in libnetservices

Test Candidate 2 is available here:

As usual, please test these images on physical hardware, and report issues to http://dev.haiku-os.org (under the r1/beta3 version)

I’m thinking of pushing out R1/beta3 by 1 week. We have a few rendering issues in WebPositive I want to give a little time to (potentially) address, as well as a few minor EFI patches solving the discovery of additional Haiku partitions and a few bug reports to investigate.


– Alex


As mentioned on IRC, can we update the previous TC to the new one without doing a full new install?

Yup. pkgman update should work as expected and give that result. If you’re not getting any updates via that you might also try a pkgman full-sync (it shouldn’t be needed however)


haikuwebkit 1.7.0 work fine

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Yup. I opened https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/17062 for this regression.

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Is there a way to download just the EFI bootloader?
Or do I need to download the ISO and extract the bootloader from it?

There’s a few different builds of it available here:


Should we put out a call to see if people are interesting in mirroring the Beta3 release? It would be nice to have more mirrors for this release.

I’ can see if I take a webhosting for a Haiku mirror

CDN hosting with large volumes can be pretty cheap, might be something Haiku Inc. could fund?

Currently there are only 2 options:

  1. Extract it from OS image file.
  2. Compile it with jam -q haiku_loader.efi.

There’s already a dedicated thread about this very topic:

As of hrev55201, The latest EFI bootloader is now available on every install of Haiku under:



I tried it in my computer. There was no issues on booting, the desktop was working and WebPositive could play videos on Youtube. But there was no sound [in videos (?)] and i couldn’t mount any volumes on my HDD. About videos, only pausing/resuming were working and web pages were rendering incorrectly.

Thanks, it’s perfect

Yeah… we had this issue last release (unable to get updated EFI loaders without extracting them from the install media).

Now we can begin to automate some of the EFI loader installation in the future with the files available.

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Good day @kallisti5 ,

Just a question regarding EFI. From what I’ve read (correct me if I understood wrong), UEFI does not need the bootx64.efi to be on a FAT32 partition, can be on any type. Could it be possible to move it from an /efiboot FAT32 partition into the BeFS /boot partition, so we could get rid of that FAT32 thing?


This is incorrect, EFI requires the esp to be of type fat32 for pc booting, and allows fat16 for thumb drive booting. (or more precisely it requires fat32 to be supported by the firmware, technically there can be others supported too, but practically we want haiku to be installable on normal efi computers)

Besides, fat32 has wide support, and this allows a much much saner multiboot environment than before efi, and if you don’t use it for that the bootloader is still much easier to maintain than the mbr way before it.
Just my 2 cents

This webkit bug is one of two major regressions seen.

Once we get these solved, A new R1/beta3 TC/RC will be generated.


Updated this bug. Behavior changes after the new updates.