Haiku, R1/Beta3 Release Candidate 0

Well, “designed”… I just slapped the ribbon on it. :slight_smile:
Anyway, if you mean the shadowy “glow” around the Haiku letters, I agree and updated my patch accordingly. If you mean the shadows of the leaves, that should stay, as it’s part of the Haiku logo everywhere I could find.

@kallisti5 , ifmy interpretation above is correct, you may want to merge the above into the beta branch (and master?). Oh, I just noticed I also still kept the bugs under the leaves in there. IMO those a cute and befitting a beta, but I can disabe that layer and uptade the patch, if people disagree…

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Yes, that’s what I meant. Not sure how/when this was added but it doesn’t look that great and I think we’re better without it.
Shadow under the leaves is fine and can stay.

Thanks for updating it!

See R1/Beta3 RC1 for the latest stable test build.