Haiku R1/beta2 Release Candidate

Hello everyone,

Well, things are still behind schedule as usual, but here is R1/beta2 Release Candidate (1), for your testing and examination:

Additionally, by the time you read this, new repositories for R1/beta2 should also be available, so if you are already on the “r1beta2” update channel, you can use SoftwareUpdater or pkgman full-sync to get to r1beta2 hrev54154_107.


image https://i.imgur.com/ZCB6iSJ.gif

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Installation (x86) went normally. All works (except video is VESA). Congratulations and thank you all who made it :clap:


The installation went well, a little problem with the soft update (failed to change the package activation in packagefs : name in use).

I followed the installation guide, to test, and there is an update to do in chapter GRUB2.
“grub_hidden_timeout = 0” is now:

  • “grub timeout style = hidden”
  • “grub timeout = 0”

Otherwise no particular concerns, haikudepot works well.
Nice work everyone.

The “name in use” was discovered and is being investigated, we’ll have to make an RC2.

Would you care to submit a pull request to change the GRUB guide? If not, one of us will look into it.

Let’s make sure to post about this on our social media sites and inform (at least) the Distrowatch news site. (I’d be happy to contact them about an announcement to alleviate any extra work from the core devs, I just need the go ahead :wink:) I know I said this before for the earlier test image, but it doesn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

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Hi. If I installed this version could I upgrade to the official R1/beta2 when it got released using pkgman? If not I would rather waiting for the official R1/beta2. I’m a very new user to Haiku and a RC version make me afraid. I know the official beta version is pretty stable, though.

Haiku as a whole is still not entirely stable; but the changes from now until the actual release will be minimal at best. Plenty of people run nightly builds for that matter.

Hello @giahung.1997tn, and welcome! :slight_smile:

About your question: yes. You will be able to switch to the BETA 2 branch, just by changing the configuration in the Repositories settings.

To be more clear, it’s just changing the repository url (from nightly to beta, or viceversa), and then, doing a system update from the HaikuDepot app.

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Tested the candidate in 32 bit mode over here. Was able to do lots of Git activity and a full build of the OS too. No problems. Radeon video seems to be working better too - no blank screens when switching video modes too often.

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