Haiku R1/Beta1 a great news for people in developing countries

First of all congratulations for first major update since 2012 . As I live in a developing country (so called 3rd world country) no can not stress too much of the importance of a 32 bit OS which can run on older hardware .

Here I see way more Pentium 4s than 1st world countries may have . If all OSes abandon 32 bit architecture it will be very bad for students and general public ling in low income parts of the world .

keep on the good work devs . We need Haiku for our old PCs


This is a really good point. The nature of Haiku means that it’s relatively easy to image onto older hardware, and it supports basic office applications and web browsing - and has practically no viruses. A target market, perhaps?

Very good point of view I share…
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Why still a 32 bit version? thread…

+100 here. From the ethical standpoint I agree 110%.

This could be a nice engagement trigger for the guys at ISF or similar organizations around the world (ISF is the equivalent of Medicines Sans Frontieres but for Computer Scientists)

Thank you people above me for supporting my point of view . I will also add that most schools and government institutions plus people with mid to low income class are still using Pentium 4s with Windows XP (I assume that is almost 60% of PC users ) .
After Microsoft dropping support for XP , Haiku can easily fill the vacuum .
32 bit is not going anywhere here any time soon


We are pretty starved for development time / funding in general, so no promises, but if there’s anything we can do to help here … do let us know.