Haiku Personal edition

I upload this image here (*.mdf) http://rapidshare.com/files/24312392/haiku.rar.html

Now I can’t test this image on another hardware

I build new Haiku-LiveCD
After booting I see for few second desktop and console, and after it on top:
Panic: vm_pages_failt: unhandled pages fault in kernel space at 0xdeadbef0, ip 0x909d2fef7

  • no Zeta, BeOS R5 etc. >> only Linux
  • I run Haiku in qemu wich is ok
  • When I try to uase this script inside qemu I have not enough space (only 17 MB left >> baaaad!)

Please create an image that is 200 MB so that it’s possible to create a CD for everyone interested. At the moment only Zeta/BeOS users are realy able to do that.

AFAIK, there is nothing stopping you from building your own images under Linux. It is very easy to increase the image size during the build. Creating larger images ends up making the download larger for all of us who don’t have massive amounts of bandwidth to spare.

Oh well, guess there is in fact a BFS driver. I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: Thought that there are instructions somewhere, but I guess I’ll have to write them then :wink:

You’re not quite understanding I think… due to the miscommunication, I’m going to suggest you’re either not reading the available information, or you’re slightly inexperienced. I will warn that without proper experience and forethought, you may potentially wipe something out on your HD irrecoverably.

In order to build and test Haiku in linux, you will need to download the source, download the build tools, and build Haiku yourself.

There are plenty of instructions all over the place (just search this site!) - in fact, there are probably too many different instructions written by different people.

You’ll want to start at the front page of this website - Development, Getting started, etc.

The BFS driver in linux is either NOT the one you’re looking for, or it’s (mis)titled BeFS, and is readonly I believe.

You want to use the build tools out of the Haiku repo to build and install Haiku.