Haiku os on Raspberry pi 4

hello sorry if this is not the place for this matter. but I’m new and I’ve never been to forums, so… I don’t know how exactly to make this work. I don’t speak English either, I speak Spanish and Esperanto, so… if I take a long time or don’t understand something, that’s why. well… i’ve never used the haiku operating system, but i found this: “Raspberry Pi 4 — Haiku internals documentation” so… i assumed that you can install Haiku in the raspberry pi, I translated it to my language and… I didn’t understand many things, and if there is no problem, I would like someone to come and explain what I have to do to make it work. and if it doesn’t work at least I want someone to explain to me how I should use aqemu to install haiku


No, you cannot install it yet. The rpi4 is still a port in progress. For now, it boots, but is not completely usable yet.

shit! well, nothing that can be done… so… do you know how i can use aqemu?

@DonMacro, a lo mejor ésta guía te resulte suficiente. Está en Inglés, pero tiene imágenes del “paso a paso”.

Si bien la guía es para QtEmu y no AQEMU… los parámetros a usar para una VM con Haiku, deberían ser lo suficientemente similares en ambos.

Check here, it should give you some hints.

Raspberry Pi is not supported yet. If you want to run Haiku on single board computer, you can try VisionFive 2 instead.

There’s a Haiku Port Status page indicating supported hardware.

Status for Raspberry Pi 3/4: the bootloader has been mostly ported, unfortunately not much more than that.

if only I had money

$89.99 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/VisionFive-RISC-V-StarFive-JH7110-Quad-core/dp/B0BGM6STN8.

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I would prefer something else other than Amazon, but hey, could you tell me what kind of things I could install on that board? The truth is I was thinking about buying an orange pi before, but hey, it’s a risc-v, free hardware is always more interesting, I just would like to know what things can be done with it. apart. If I use that board, will I be able to install any programs? I mean, I think the programs are designed for x86_64, so risc-v has nothing to do with x86, so what can I do with that?

thank you señor