Haiku OS Community Discord Server


Haiku OS Community Discord Server

Welcome to the unofficial Haiku OS Community Discord Server thread! We hope to see you there.

What is Discord?
Discord is a instant messaing and VoIP application that is entirely free to use. While the main cohort of this is gamers, it can be used for other reasons, we’re not the only open source project using Discord, there are many of them. For many people, Discord has become a fundamental part of their daily routine and participate in conversations actively.

Where can I join it?
You can join it by going to https://discord.gg/UHMy8WQ .

Are you official?
Unfortunately not, we are merely creating something that we believe should exist and represent Haiku OS in a good light. We hope this could help Haiku reach new audiences and connect people that aren’t used to IRC but other forms of IM.

Why is your server better than IRC?
It all comes down to preference, not everyone is used to IRC, some of us are used to Slack, Discord, Direct Messaging in social media applications. This is merely an alternative.

What features does this have?
We have a Reddit post tracker channel, Voice and Music channels, bots, custom emotes and general chatter.

I don’t like it, I would rather use IRC
That’s up to you, not everyone likes the same things.