Haiku on Xbox console

Is there any possibility to install and run Haiku on original Xbox console? It is very cheap nowadays, and imho it would be interesting to turn it into basic PC connected to TV. As I undertand, hardware specs of original Xbox do match for Haiku hw requirements fairly well, so why not using it in such way?

But you must understand that the xbox is not just a legacy pc on which any old os can be installed.
Microsoft made sure of that.
If you do want to port it over, the xbox linux wiki page has some handy info.
Though it will take some effort, it might just pay off in the long run.

It’s possible, that’s for sure. But as said, it requires much more work than just booting up Haiku on your Xbox. You need to port it to the Xbox.

http://www.xbox-linux.org has a lot of nice information that could be helpful.