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I just want to let everyone know that Maxim Sokhatsky and myself [1]
have been doing a little work on Wikipedia. Maxim has added a “Haiku
Operating System Components” template box [2] that will link between
the Haiku’s Components (Add-Ons, Kits, Servers and Daemons); sadly
there is not much content as wiki deleted some of Maxim’s work. I on
the other hand created the “Haiku Software” template box [3] that
will link between the Software that is included in Haiku’s official
releases (Applications (Core & Bundled), Binary utilities,
Preferences, Developer Tools). We only have a few (Core & Bundled)
apps so far; they include: Bootman, Poorman, Tracker, BePDF, Pe,
Vision and WebPositive.

I am hoping that people will add to wiki and provide basic
encyclopedic information (non user guide type stuff). And that each
piece of software will have a “Software Infobox” that supplies a logo,
screenshot and the license. I also hope that each app will have link
to its page on the Haiku User Guide, in order for people to learn how
to use it. Tracker’s page kind of already meets this standard [4].

I want to add most of the apps when I have time during the winter
holidays in the southern hemisphere, but of course anyone can add them
before then. At that point I would like like to try to rewrite the
main Haiku page on wiki in that time as I think it is shockingly


[1] plus a bit of help from The123king.
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Haiku_Operating_System_Components
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Haiku_Software
[4] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku_Tracker


Yes, definitely Haiku Wikipedia Article needs to be revised.

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I’ll be working on some of the application specific bits tommorow. I’ve got A-level exams in the coming few weeks, but when summer comes (July) i’ll work on tending the wiki full-time.

I also think that hooking the Haiku articles to old BeOS articles is a good idea too, since many Haiku applications are clones of, or derivatives of, BeOS applications.(IE BeMail)

I’ll also work on adding content for the WebPositive article tonight.

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I am happy to help with Wikipedia article. I agree more updates and more links to existing articles are needed. Would anyone like to to help review what can be added and also removed?

I just spent 20min removing badly categorized files on Wikimedia Commons that ended up in our category https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Haiku_(operating_system)
It would be good that we have .svg version of logo and some video files also here!

Still looking for someone to co-edit and update the Wikipedia page for Haiku and related ;-p

Haiku does not based on beos, it is a rebuild

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I just took a look at Haiku’s Wikipedia page in German. There is a factual error in it stating that 3d hardware acceleration was developed during GSOC 2017. It is in the top part of the article just above the contents section (“Inhaltsverzeichnis”) and reads " Im Rahmen des Google Summer of Code 2017 wurde für Haiku 3D-Hardwarebeschleunigung und Unterstützung für die Programmiersprache Swift entwickelt." Maybe somebody following the discussion here can correct that.
I know that I could mention it on the discussion page for the article on Wikipedia but the overall tone of the “discussion” there honestly doesn´t motivate me to do so :wink:

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Just go for it anyway. Mein Dutsch is uber schlecht das alain zu…machen?

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Probably yes, but it was perfectly understandable :wink:
Anyway, I left a comment about the error on the talk page of the article. Let´s wait and see if something happens…

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I just updated EN Wikipedia pages BeOS, Haiku and History of Haiku

@BlueSky can you check in next days if German is OK?

Can anyone pick up updates in other languages?
Can anyone help with uploading some fresh Desktop screenshots to Wikimedia Commons?