Haiku on VMware 256mb ram

I want to install Haiku on VMware WS 6.0 on old PC - celeron 800, 256mb ram. Now it has only 128mb ram and I wand to bye +128mb. I need at least 128mb for my host OS so I’ll have only 128 mb for Haiku. I wonder is it possible to run Haiku on VMware on such PC? Is there any sense to bye 128mb more ram? I’m going to use terminal, vim, and compile small projects.

I have run Haiku in VMware with as little as 64mb RAM before - that was some months ago, but I doubt much has changed to increase the base memory requirements beyond that amount yet.

Haiku does not yet support virtual memory with a swapfile, so memory requirements are actually higher than they may be in the future.

Still if you want to run much beyond the included apps, 64mb RAM may not be terribly useful :slight_smile:

VMWare workstation actually may use more host memory than VMWare player - so if you don’t really need it, I would suggest just using vmware player instead.

Good luck!

On a 256MB system & right off the boot,
Haiku is using up 90MB.
I also tried with a modified version of BeOS & it was using 105MB.

With only 128MB, you “might” be able to compile. It may work. Depends how much memory gcc needs to work with. You would have something like 38MB for gcc, terminal & vim.

Two other options:

  1. Buy 128MB, so total is 256MB & install Haiku to your hard drive. Bit risky with repartitioning the drive. Also, installing might not be too easy. ( Wait for Alpha Release which should make it easier to install to a drive ).
  2. Buy 256MB ( or more ) RAM. DDR RAM is cheap right now. If your board uses SDRAM then it’ll cost somewhat more $$$.

You can mix different RAM sizes. I’ve done it (ie: 256+128=384MB). But you have to be careful because motherboards have limits per dimm slot & may not like high density RAM. ( check your motherboard manual ). Try to avoid mixing low & high density RAM when possible.