Haiku on UEFI

Hi Community,
here are the UEFI Haiku ISO file, for testing:

on my tests, it will works fine form USB-Stick, i think CD/DVD is out of time on modern x86_84 bit CPU’s.

I hope more Users/Developers/Testers used modern hardware and test new stuff now.

Jessica and Alexander make a good job, but i wundering why not more user used modern hardware, so i start this forum topic, to find out why or where used or not used UEFI hardware.

32bit x86 are in 2017 out of time :wink:

thx stargater


“Well, baby, baby, baby, you’re out of time
I said, baby, baby, baby, you’re out of time
You are all left out
Out of there without a doubt…”

Couldn’t resist…



Welcome to the Haiku shell.

~> dd if=/boot/home/haiku-nightly-anyboot-efi.iso of=/dev/disk/usb/1/0/raw bs=1MB

Fujitsu Lifebook A512 , Phoenix Secure Core Tiano BIOS Ver. 1.16 23/10/2013

Work fine!


You may also want to try blacklist the framebuffer driver to see if the proper drivers work. I’m working on folding the framebuffer driver back into the vesa driver so that this shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

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Всем привет.

Загрузка с флешки на ноутбуке DELL R17xR3. BIOS Version A12.
Вроде все работает. Поддержки второго монитора нет.


Will the support of UEFI 32bit ?

As far as i know: no.