Haiku on sparc

haiku planned support sparc64 ?

There are no plans to support sparc64, although if somebody wants to do the work they are free to do so.

There are at least two people with an interest in a SPARC-64 port - me and Eli Dayan. I have an UltraSPARC 10, and I believe he has an UltraSPARC 30.

However, there is no point in porting it till its stable and working on Intel.

I’ve got some old Sparc32 boxes I’d love to run BeOS on. Any chance of that?

(I realize this thread is ancient, so I’ll comment elsewhere if I hear no response.)

The chance that you’ll run BeOS on them is pretty abysmal at this point - AFAIK, BeOS wasn’t ported to sparc…

If you’re referring to Haiku, maybe someday… I won’t even bother speculating when, but let’s just say it would likely be measured in years.