Haiku on RISC-V's landscape page: please review

PR: feat: add Haiku to the operating systems section by rjzak · Pull Request #317 · riscv-admin/riscv-landscape · GitHub
Preview: https://deploy-preview-317--shimmering-lollipop-c2855e.netlify.app/
RISC-V landscape: https://landscape.riscv.org/

I’m not totally happy about the logo, but what does everyone think? Anything to add, change, remove?

I’ll mark it ready soon.


Looks good to me.
The logo is the official one,and the quality looks okay,considering it’s a convert to SVG from another format.
Probably not much that can be improved here without recreating it from scratch in an SVG editor (and that costs a lot of time).

That said,it’s really nice to have Haiku featured directly on the RISC-V ecosystem page.
Maybe that will bring some new users or even contributors that are interested in the RISC-V architecture and a non-mainstream OS running on it.