Haiku on PPC

Hi folks. I have Mac Mini with PowerPC G4 1.25 cpu. Is posible install, or run in live for test Haiku ?

I find http://haiku-files.org/ppc/ there is raw for usb and iso for cd… i dont test it yet… i want know that i need a burn cd… or only usb key … is posible only put usb key to usb port and press C only.

in classic PC i use haiku and install it from USB key…

thx. lukas

You can try it, not sure if PowerPC will boot into Haiku but worth a shot.

The boot cd is iso. Burn boot to cd. The OS will be raw image. dd to partition on hard drive or dd to usb key may work too. The system will boot off cd, then you can enter safe mode and select which OS to boot by pressing [space bar].

Keep us posted on that. I have a G4 that’s itching for Haiku. I was about to start that soon.

I have an old iBook G3 and the only reason not to sell it, the hope that some day it will run Haiku :slight_smile:

I’m wondering about this myself. I have a Power Mac G5 that I’d like to try Haiku on, but I can’t figure out what format the disk image in http://haiku-files.org/ppc/haiku-r40136-ppc-haiku-image.zip is; if I dump it directly to a USB drive (via dd) it refuses to boot on the Mac. What tool do I use to write this to disk?

Maybe you missed my post above. =)

The image is RAW. dd will work. The image is not bootable. You also have to download the haiku-boot-cd which you burn to a CD. Then you boot off of CD. Hold down [shift] key from when CD starts booting to enter into safe-mode. Pressing [spacebar] also gets you into safe-mode. You then select to boot the image you dd’ed to your USB drive or partition.

Haiku will not boot on PPC and crash somewhere along the way. It may have worked very long time ago (many years back) but not anymore. All developers are focused on x86. Some work was done on m68k & ARM ports but pretty sure those are not fully working either. ie, will not boot into Haiku.

So for now Haiku is only x86 32-bit. Use an x86 emulator to test out Haiku on PPC.

You can try out Q Emulator:

Haiku would be very elegant on my Apple G4 Cube. I’ll look for more on the status of this port.

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Doesn’t seem to be much status at all now, the build images are completely gone :confused: I’m going to take a crack at seeing if I can figure out how to build for PPC from x86 Haiku, but as anything other than x86 builds seems to have become complete software non grata, I’m not getting my hopes up.

it’s sad that there’s no ppc version of the system which was born on machine with powerpc heart. there’s a lot of cheap machines now, with ppc on board which could be revitalize with modern os like haiku. for them the only choice is linux.

Another Cube user here :slight_smile:

Running Linux MintPPC atm. but would like to have Haiku be a part of my Cube setup :slight_smile: